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For us, professionalism means getting advantages before trade execution is done. Option Capital offers such solutions. Be a professional!


Option Capital is a British investment company that executes advanced financial ideas. Meeting all strict market claims, we work with the largest international stock exchanges around the world using the best investment decisions and process solutions.

In the modern context it has become very complicated for investors to ensure high yield by using only “classic” tools and strategies. This is precisely why Option Capital works out and offers new unique products and strategies. Our decisions help you to get profit daily in spite of any market fluctuations and plan your future income(click here to see a complete list of benefits).

Option Capital mission is to give our clients advantages over other market players by offering them an access to the up to date investment decisions.

Option Capital is focused on sale of out of the money options. This is a high yielding strategy that has a variety of unique benefits.


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Trading futures involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of futures results.

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